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Bespoke traditional curved staircase
Traditional Staircase Design
Bespoke Staircase Design

Westcliffe Joiners is one of the leading curved staircase manufacturers in England, we have been steadily growing and satisfying our clients with our exquisite bespoke curved staircases for many years.

We are one of the last remaining staircase companies in England to still manufacture curved staircases using traditional methods including continuous string and wreathed hand rails. Our speciality is manufacturing custom built curved staircases and our reputation for fine detail is second to none.

Of all the features incorporated in a building the curved staircase must be the most spectacular. Not only functional, but pleasing and intriguing when viewed from any angle.

We not only keep the art of curved staircases alive but continue its development in both traditional and contempary materials.

Our skilled craftsmen build each staircase using the finest quality hardwood in the world. The result is simple: a spectacular curved staircase built to your specific needs that’s perfect in every way.